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Salieri has been trying to complete his opera for twelve months when he is notified that the task will be assigned to Wolfgang, a well-known composer. Furious, Salieri won’t accept that decision so easily and his struggle will ultimately reveal an unexpected secret. This entertaining comedy will introduce you to a world of music, secrets and imperial decisions.

Life Skills

The life skills addressed in this play are communication, problem-solving, cooperation, self-awareness and equanimity.


The play is suitable for students whose level of English is equivalent to A2 - B1 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and for those who will sit for the following International Exams:
Anglia Exams
Elementary/ Pre-Intermediate/ Intermediate
Cambridge Assessment English
A2 Flyers/ A2 Key/ B1 Preliminary
Trinity College London
GESE Elementary stage/ ISE Foundation (A2)/ ISE I (B1).

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